The biggest online sports betting site in Malaysia Posted on by Albert Turner The biggest online sports betting site in Malaysia

INTRODUCTION: Among a number of sports betting websites, The biggest online sports betting site in Malaysia. It is popularly known for the highest sports winning odd every hour. The website has been published from quite a long time and got ranked as the Best betting website of Malaysia and the most trusted sports betting site to bet online. The Asian gamblers have repeatedly voted for sportsqq288 for offering the best free bets online. The sports games provided by sportsqq288 include tennis, basketball, football, volleyball, golf, ice hockey, boxing, motor racing and much more. Different games are provided with different offers of betting in order to make gambling easy for every sort of player.

A number of well odds will be shown to you systematically if you visit the homepage of sportsqq288. The site is perfect for all types of people. Whether the sports lovers or the gamblers. You would see the sportsqq288 website designed according to the latest online betting platform. The betting website is more interesting and designed with latest demands in order to be more promising to the players. If you are searching for a reliable betting website then sportsqq288 is your destination. The site does not just offer the regular sports game but the uncommon ones as well. Such as dota 2, softball, baseball, boxing, cycling, car racing, badminton, dog racing and much more. The biggest online sports betting site in Malaysia The biggest online sports betting site in Malaysia The biggest online sports betting site in Malaysia

The live sports odds are issued at the website from early morning and keep updated till late midnight. At weekdays and weekends both. The best feature of sportsqq288 is the easy access. We have our own mobile app for android and ios both. You could play the bets from wherever you want. Whether it is from your home or a hotel room. Time to time sportsqq288 keeps providing you with the official links of their sports betting websites. You do not have to go through the hassle of waiting unexpected long loading of mobile betting site. You do not have to worry about getting blocked as well. Unlike other gambling sites, our site does not get blocked.

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To further help you in taking the right decision, we will discuss one of the games available at sportsqq288. This will give you a clearer idea of the betting online system offered by


Boxing is one of the most challenging sports. Not just mentally it is physically challenging as well. Every year a number of players compete in boxing in order to win the title or the game. Boxing games are usually played in the Las Vegas area. The game involves two fighters usually. The goal of the game is to either knock out the opponent or get more points by giving more punches throughout the round. Betting types for boxing are

  • To bet on the winning player.
  • Betting on the total score of the game or the total rounds throughout the game.
  • Betting at the player getting knocked out.

If you are a beginner you must be worried about which betting websites to play with. Well, your problem must be solved by now. Sportsqq288 has always been the best choice for every type of player. It is suitable for the beginners and advanced players both.