Introduction: Have you been looking to get a platform that offers you nothing but the best betting services ever? Well, we are here to ensure that all your gambling needs are met. Onlinecasinoqq188 started this site some months ago and we have already amazed a great proportion of the Malaysian gambling community. Best Malaysia live casino & online gambling site we offer you nothing but the best casino online games, best customer support, and best bonuses to always keep you running. Become part of us today by signing up for an account to stand a chance to win big money from small stakes at all times.


We are always here to ensure that you are always showered with bonuses and great payouts to keep you running. We understand how hard it could be without bonuses that are why we shower you with rewards and bonuses in our live casino to make you victorious always. Best Malaysia Live Casino & Online Gambling Site Best Malaysia live casino & online gambling site Best Malaysia live casino & online gambling site

Weekly rebates

Enjoy weekly rebates in most of the games. We offer you with the best casino Malaysia spade gaming weekly rebate of 1.5% of all the money deposited as stake. We allow you to always use this bonus as stake and not withdraw it. Keno, happy lotto, and iLotto weekly rebates are always available up to a rate of 1.5% to ensure that you are always given the best stake you can use for betting.

Play tech discount

If you are a fun of the ISIN4D, you are always lucky. Enjoy 4a discount of 66%, 3a discount of 59% and 2adiscount of 30%. This is to ensure that you play and win big while spending a very little amount of money. This is the best thing you can do as the gambler at all times. Try our casino gambling site today for your chance to win big money at all times. Make sure that you follow our terms and conditions at all times.


If you really want to explore your betting skills and make the most out of it, consider signing for an account with us.

Instant payments to all people

We never hesitate to make and process your payments whenever you win. We ensure that all money is given to your account and you are always given the best promotions. This is unlike the other online platforms where you will have to wait for hours before you get your money.

Accessible in all devices

We understand that many of you are using various devices to get into our site. We are therefore here ensure that you can access the site with whichever device you have. We have versions of all the operating systems so that you can access the site without any problem. It could be windows, IOS, android or any other operating system, our site is always compatible and reliable.

Licensed and insured

We are licensed and therefore we ensure that we operate under the gambling protocols offered by the bet casino and gambling bodies. Your betting is, therefore, safe and secure so you don’t have to be worried about the services we provide.

Many games to bet on anytime

We have limitless options for all gamblers. Bet all the teams that you want anytime. We have lotto, I lotto and slots games at all times. Use our site map to navigate through and identify the games that you want at all times. Register now to start enjoying.

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